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Frequently Asked

Can we come visit your facility and meet your dogs?

The health and wellness of our dogs and puppies is of the utmost importance. By allowing potential clients to visit our facility we are opening the door for our dogs and puppies to be introduced to parasites and other germs that can be extremely harmful to them. However we value transparency at Red Door Canines and are more than happy to do a Zoom call to tour our facility at any time. 

In regards to meeting our dogs, in order to allow each of our program dogs to be pets first, our breeding dogs live with their guardian families full time unless they are with us for breeding. We have guardian homes all over North Carolina so it is highly unlikely that both parents are at our facility unless they are actively breeding. To get more information on the parents, you can visit the studs page and the moms page on our site. We are also more than happy to provide additional pictures and videos of our parent dogs.

Are the parents health tested?

All of our parents are health tested with a full panel to test for genetic conditions. They also have OFA x rays done to ensure their patellas, hips, elbows, heart, and eyes are up to par for breeding.

Do you offer breeding rights?

Yes we offer breeding rights for an additional $500. We will use that money to run a genetic panel on the puppy so you are able to get the puppy you need for your program. 

After temperament evaluations do you choose the puppy for me?

We do not pick your puppy for you, however we do work alongside you to help make sure that each puppy is matched with the right family. It is our job to ensure that each family is matched with a puppy that suits their needs and lifestyle

What are your delivery options for puppies?

We can deliver your puppy via Flight Nanny or by car. There is a fee of $200 for our time plus the cost of gas or the cost of the plane ticket and pet fee that the airline requires.

Will my puppy be vaccinated when I get them?

Your puppy will have had their first round of vaccines at 7 weeks. They will have also been microchipped and received a full body exam by our vet. If your puppy stays for puppy kindergarten, they will continue going to the vet for vaccines as well as begin receiving their heartworm and flea and tick prevention.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We take Venmo, Credit Card, Cash, and Zelle

Do you have a waitlist?

When you place a deposit we place each family on the litter list that they wish to be on. Puppy Selections are in the order of deposit paid.

How will I know my spot on the waitlist?

The first two spots on every litter list are reserved for breeder picks. Breeder picks are for service animal placements, other breeders, and also for us at Red Door Canines to be able to continue to grow our program. Once we have determined whether the breeder picks (spot 1 and 2) will be used, we will send the official litter list but at the time you pay your deposit, we will let you know where you fall. You can only move up on the list, not down.

What size crate do I need?

When choosing a crate it is best to pick the crate that will fit your puppy at maturity so that you don't have to buy multiple crates during your dogs' lifetime. I also would suggest purchasing a divider to go in the crate so that it is small enough for when you first...

What do I do if my dog has an upset stomach?

If your dog is struggling with an upset stomach whether it be throwing up or loose poop, etc., it is always best to consult your vet first, but here are a few tips and tricks that we have found to be very helpful. With as many dogs as we have here, we have had our...
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