the breeding program


  • Puppy development exercises from days 3-16
  • Enhances development, resilience, and coping mechanisms
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Strengthens adrenal glands
  • Increases stress tolerance
  • Enhances resistance to disease


  • Advanced service dog curriculum by Jeanette Forrey
  • Maximum exposure in a safe environment
  • Focus on sights, sounds, people, and places
  • Aligned with developmental benchmarks


  • Puppies undergo temperament tests at 7 weeks old
  • Evaluation process recorded with voice-over explanations
  • Zoom calls scheduled with puppy families to answer questions and provide suggestions
  • Matching process considers family’s lifestyle and puppy’s temperament


  • Health a top priority for program dogs and puppies
  • Comprehensive genetic condition testing through full panels
  • OFA exams and/or x-rays for hips, elbows, heart, patellas, and eyes
  • 2-year health guarantee for all puppy families
  • Protection against genetic or life-altering conditions


  • Available to answer questions and provide guidance
  • Assistance with training, behavior, and health concerns
  • Ongoing advice and resources
  • Ensures a smooth transition and integration into new homes
  • Helps address any challenges or adjustments
  • Enhances the well-being and happiness of both puppies and families


  • Comprehensive health evaluations by qualified veterinarians
  • Ensures puppies are in optimal health before going to their new homes
  • Health guarantee provided for added assurance
  • Vaccinations kept up-to-date according to appropriate schedules
  • Regular dewormings to maintain optimal health


At Red Door Canines….

We believe wholeheartedly in the power of a dog and in the innate ability our dogs have to heal hearts and change lives. We hope that you’ll open your heart and home to one of our extraordinary puppies here at Red Door Canines


We offer 3 pricing options:

1.Breeding Prospect (breeding rights given to approved programs): $3500
2.Priority Pick (guarantees pick 1-3): $3000
3.Family Companion: $2500


*Breeding Prospect or Priority Pick deposit: $1000

*Family Companion deposit: $500

All deposits are applied to the total cost of the puppy.

All family companion selections are made in order of deposit received.

Priority Picks are first come first serve

*All deposits are nonrefundable


Puppy Kindergarten

We are happy to offer puppy kindergarten to our puppy families.



All of our past puppies and guardians are welcome to board with us.


We feed our dogs and puppies top notch food reccommended by professionals.

Assisted Whelpings

All of our moms have assisted whelpings in our state of the art nurseries.

Amazon Storefront

Click below on our Amazon Storefront link to see all of our favorite items for new puppy families and those who are doing puppy kindergarten.

Temperament Testing

We believe that the first 16 weeks of life are critical in the development of a puppy. Your puppy spends the first 8 weeks with us, and we want to make the perfect puppy match to allow the following 8 weeks, and beyond, a great fit for you & your family. We have specifically bred puppies to have the right temperament, intelligence, and health to be an extraordinary pet, and the fact that they are unbelievably adorable is icing on the cake! At 7 weeks old, we perform a series of tests that allow your puppy to give us a snapshot of their true temperament. Then we can match our puppies with the family that would be a good fit and the family with the puppy they want and need. We record the testing process, provide voice over explanations, and also score each of the evaluations so that you can follow along during the temperament testing process. After you have had time to view the evaluations, we schedule a Zoom call with each of our puppy families to answer questions, give suggestions, and help them be matched with one of our puppies. For example, in situations where the family is very active and always on the go, we would suggest a puppy with a medium human focus score and a medium energy score so that they are able to adjust to their owners not always being home but they can also join in on the fun when their owners want them to tag along. This allows for a more seamless transition as you bring a new pet into your home and your family dynamic.

Puppy Kindergarten

A new puppy can be a lot of work! Teaching them house manners like potty training, crate training, and basic commands can be time consuming and a challenge. We offer “puppy kindergarten” as an additional service after we saw the need for a started puppy program. Puppy Kindergarten is an individualized program that teaches your puppy the basic skills they need to be a well mannered pup at just 12 weeks. Starting at the 8 week mark, your puppy will stay at Red Door Canines rather than going home and begin the 4 week puppy kindergarten course. They will begin crate training, potty training, learning basic commands, be socialized both in and outside the home, get exposure to the car, new people, and a plethora of other things to help jump start their knowledge of what everyday life will be like. Puppy Kindergarten is first come, first serve as it is targeted to your puppy’s particular strengths and weaknesses. There are 3 spots per litter and a deposit is required to reserve your spot. Fill out the puppy kindergarten contract, at the top of our website under the forms tab and we will be in touch to discuss more details and collect your deposit. 


We are now offering boarding to all of our previous puppies, Guardian Home dogs, and also doggie siblings of our previous pups. Boarding for puppy families is $40 a day and for Guardian Home dogs it is $20 a day. We provide crates, treats, toys, etc so no need to pack anything except for your pup & their food unless they are on Open Farm. They will be able to play with our dogs as well as any other visiting pups or program dogs who are with us at that time. We recognized the need for guardian dogs and their doggie siblings to have a safe environment to go for boarding. We take pride in being able to offer a comfortable and familiar location to all of our past puppies as well as program dogs. We offer boarding at both locations so depending on where you are located, we will let you know which location works best. Click the forms tab at the top of our website to fill out a boarding request form and we will be in touch within 48 hours. We will send an invoice for half of the cost to reserve your spot as spaces are limited. The other half is due at the time of pickup.


We believe in feeding the best food to our puppies and our program dogs to ensure they are getting all the nutrients they need and none of the fillers and additives that are in most dog foods. We did extensive research and sought direction from veterinarians and several canine nutritionists while exploring the best options for our pets. Kayla Kowolski, a dog nutritionist, spoke with us at great length about various options such as feeding raw, using some raw toppers, and a kibble option. We knew that this needed to be a feeding choice not only for the dogs in our home, program dogs in guardian homes, but also for our puppy families.  After talking about what would be the best option for us as breeders, we decided to start using Open Farm Pet Food. Both Kayla Kowalski and Rachel Fusaro (both experts in the field of canine nutrition) feed their own dogs Open Farm Pet food and that spoke volumes to us. It contains ethically sourced protein that is antibiotic and growth hormone free as well as other quality, traceable ingredients to ensure healthy food for your dog.  Open Farm Pet Dry Kibble received a 5 star rating on Dog Food Advisor, the highest rating they give.  Open Farm offers both an all life stages as well as a puppy formula, you may choose which is the best for your puppy!

Health Testing

The health of our program dogs and our puppies is of the utmost importance. We run a full panel on all of our dogs to test for any kind of genetic conditions. We also perform OFA exams and/or x rays to ensure their hips, elbows, heart, patellas, and eyes are up to par for breeding. We provide each of our puppy family’s with a 2 year health guarantee to protect from any kind of genetic or life altering conditions. If your puppy were to have any of these conditions arise within the 2 years, we will cover vet costs up to the price in which you paid for your puppy. 

Our Nursery Puppies

All of our puppies are raised at our home and all of our breeding dogs are family pets, first and foremost. “The Puppy Nurseries” are outfitted with cameras and individual whelping areas for each mom. It is our goal to guide, shape and mold our puppies during critical developmental periods. We expose our puppies to many sights, sounds, textures and people, at age appropriate times, to give them the best start possible.  We also begin working on potty training & crate training (we know you’ll appreciate this one) and bring in volunteers to handle and socialize our puppies, providing maximum safe socialization.



Fill out your puppy application HERE. Once you have filled out an application, we will call you to discuss further details and collect your deposit. 


Once you have been added to a litter list, we will also add you to our email list. We will send emails to update you on breedings and litters born. 


At 7 weeks old your puppy will be temperament tested and we will help you choose the puppy that best suits your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked 

Can we come visit your facility and meet your dogs?

The health and wellness of our dogs and puppies is of the utmost importance. By allowing potential clients to visit our facility we are opening the door for our dogs and puppies to be introduced to parasites and other germs that can be extremely harmful to them. However we value transparency at Red Door Canines and are more than happy to do a Zoom call to tour our facility at any time. 

In regards to meeting our dogs, in order to allow each of our program dogs to be pets first, our breeding dogs live with their guardian families full time unless they are with us for breeding. We have guardian homes all over North Carolina so it is highly unlikely that both parents are at our facility unless they are actively breeding. To get more information on the parents, you can visit the studs page and the moms page on our site. We are also more than happy to provide additional pictures and videos of our parent dogs.

Are the parents health tested?

All of our parents are health tested with a full panel to test for genetic conditions. They also have OFA x rays done to ensure their patellas, hips, elbows, heart, and eyes are up to par for breeding.

Do you offer breeding rights?

Yes we offer breeding rights to approved programs. We were once given opportunities by a couple of breeders who believed in and mentored us, and we would like to pay it forward. We charge a nominal fee for breeding rights and use that fee to embark test any puppies that are being considered by that breeder. 

After temperament evaluations do you choose the puppy for me?

We do not pick your puppy for you, however we do work alongside you to help make sure that each puppy is matched with the right family. It is our job to ensure that each family is matched with a puppy that suits their needs and lifestyle

What are your delivery options for puppies?

We can deliver your puppy via Flight Nanny or by car. There is a fee of $200 for our time plus the cost of gas or the cost of the plane ticket and pet fee that the airline requires.

Will my puppy be vaccinated when I get them?

Your puppy will have had their first round of vaccines at 7 weeks. They will have also been microchipped and received a full body exam by our vet. If your puppy stays for puppy kindergarten, they will continue going to the vet for vaccines as well as begin receiving their heartworm and flea and tick prevention.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We take Venmo, Credit Card, Cash, and Zelle

Do you have a waitlist?

When you place a deposit we place each family on the litter list that they wish to be on. Puppy Selections are in the order of deposit paid.

How will I know my spot on the waitlist?

The first two spots on every litter list are reserved for breeder picks. Breeder picks are for service animal placements, other breeders, and also for us at Red Door Canines to be able to continue to grow our program. Once we have determined whether the breeder picks (spot 1 and 2) will be used, we will send the official litter list but at the time you pay your deposit, we will let you know where you fall. You can only move up on the list, not down.

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