If your dog is struggling with an upset stomach whether it be throwing up or loose poop, etc., it is always best to consult your vet first, but here are a few tips and tricks that we have found to be very helpful. With as many dogs as we have here, we have had our share of stomach issues, these different options have usually been a quick fix and have saved me from an expensive vet bill! Some of these might not work for every dog and I would definitely consult your vet if the problem persists.


Option 1: Fasting

Fasting your dog for 12-24 hours from all food is a good way to give their stomachs a rest. It can help reduce inflammation in their intestines and provide the chance to discard unwanted items. It is very important to still give your dog water during this time because you do not want them to become dehydrated. You can also add chicken broth to their water for some extra nutrients & to encourage drinking.


Option 2: Canned Pumpkin

Canned pumpkin is the #1 thing that I recommend for loose poop. It is not a cure all and in some cases it will not fix the problem. Based on my personal experience, sometimes my dog just gets some loose poops for no reason and a spoonful of pumpkin in their food firms it right up and then they are just fine. I keep this in my pantry at all times! It is also something that you can give them regularly in order to avoid loose poop, it is a great source of fiber! !00% pure pumpkin, not pumpkin pie filling!


Option 3: Boiled Chicken/Ground Beef and Rice

This is my go to option when my dogs have an upset stomach because the ingredients are very bland! It is very important you drain the grease off the ground beef or if you are using chicken that you boil it. I also like to introduce this option after fasting as a way to gently get them back to eating and not just throw the usual kibble back on their empty bellies. You can integrate their kibble into the option as well until they are back to normal and just on dog food solely!


Option 4: Prescription Diet

Science Diet id or Royal Canine GI Low Fat are great options that your vet can prescribe for you! Feed them 1 can of food per 20 lbs of body weight and split into 2 meals a day! This is not something that you can get at the local pet store. You have to get it either through a prescription your vet writes or at your local vet. Typically I like to keep one or two cans on hand just in case my pets get sick over the weekend when I can’t easily get to the vet.


Some other options for loose poop include: (all of these can be given daily for gut health and to prevent issues as well)

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Diggin Your Dog – Firm Up Amazon


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